Interior Design,室內設計

Interior Design Fees

We offer a special package for all clients' residential Interior Design project, all design fees are REFUNDABLE, Interior Design Fess detailed as follow:
Interior Design Concept
1. 現場度呎及提供設計建議。
On Site measurement & Design ideas.
2. 繪劃單位平面圖、傢俱佈置圖及整個設計大綱。
Layout plan, furniture plan & major design concept.
3. 根據客方意見修改有關圖紙及設計大綱。
Revise related drawings & Interior Design concept, according to client’s request.
Making Drawing
4. 提供設計費合約。
Provide design fee contract.
5. 繪劃彩色效果圖及有關物料板。
Provide colored perspective & sample boards.
6. 繪劃整套施工圖紙(約20-40張)。
Provide construction drawings (Approx. 20-40 Sheets)
7. 提供工程造價合約。
Provide renovation work quotation.
On Site Construction
8. 展開裝修工程及現場監工。
Starting construction work & site inspection.

9. 陪同客戶選購傢俱及燈飾以配合整體設計。
Professional advice for furniture & lighting selection.

10. 提供執補清單及完成工程。
Provide defect list & project completion.

11. 專業攝影師現場拍照以作存檔。
Taking photos by professional photographer, for keeping reference.

12. 提供長達2年之工程保養。
Provide 2 years quality warranty.


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